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6 Ways HR Tech is Revolutionizing Property Management

February 8, 2024

Revolutionizing Property Management

By Jason DuBois, HR Business Partner, Summerfield Management. For more information contact Robert Parmar

In the world of property management, having an effective and productive workforce is essential for success.

Over the past several years, human resources technology has played a significant role in revolutionizing how property management operations are conducted in modern business. The integration of technological tools and software has streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and created a more engaged and motivated workforce within the property management sector.

Here are six ways HR technology is revolutionizing property management in 2024:

Streamlining Talent Acquisition

Attracting top talent is a common challenge for property owners and HR tech has addressed this by making the recruitment process a much more efficient task. Applicant tracking systems have become indispensable tools that help analyze resumes much faster, assess candidate capabilities quicker and even conduct first round interviews via video software.

AI-powered tools also allow us to manage a multitude of job postings, track hundreds of applications/resumes and speed up the onboarding process for potential hires.

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Employee Onboarding & Training

Once the right talent is secured, HR technology continues to play a crucial role in the onboarding and training processes within property management. Cloud-based onboarding platforms centralize important documents, training materials and company policies, expediting the onboarding process and ensuring consistency across an organization.

Online learning management systems facilitate ongoing training, allowing employees to develop new skills while staying updated on industry trends. At Summerfield, we leverage these platforms to foster a culture of continuous learning, contributing to employee growth and adaptability. The accessibility of online training materials also enables employees and site staff to learn at their own pace, minimizing the disruption to daily operations.

Better Performance Management

With advancements in HR technology, the traditional annual performance review model is evolving. Performance management tools support ongoing feedback, goal setting and real-time performance tracking.

At Summerfield, we use these tools to create a transparent performance evaluation process that encourages employee development and accountability. Having these tools in place helps reduce turnover of site staff and also allows more employees to remain with the organization for extended periods of time.

Effective Time Tracking

Efficient time and attendance tracking are critical for businesses looking to optimize productivity. HR technology has automated these processes, reducing the likelihood of errors associated with manual tracking methods.

Time-tracking software enables employees to log their hours accurately and managers can easily review and approve timesheets. Integrated time and attendance solutions linked to payroll systems ensure that employees are accurately compensated for their work. Having this type of technology in place helps minimize the risk of payroll errors, contributing to a more satisfied and financially secure workforce.

Maximizing Employee Engagement

Maintaining open lines of communication is essential for fostering a positive workplace culture in property management. HR technology has introduced tools that facilitate seamless communication and enhance employee engagement. Internal communication platforms, such as company intranets and messaging apps, provide a space for employees to collaborate, share ideas and stay connected.

Utilizing employee engagement surveys allows us to gather valuable feedback on employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. By addressing concerns and actively involving employees in decision-making processes, we are able to boost morale, reduce turnover and create a more inclusive and vibrant work environment.

Ensuring Compliance

Navigating complex regulations, legalities and ensuring compliance is a challenge for property owners. HR technology alleviates these headaches by helping to automate the compliance processes and helps to provide up-to-date information on legal requirements, helping you avoid costly penalties and legal issues.

Implementing these measures protects sensitive employee information. Encryption, multi-factor authentication and regular security updates are integral components of modern HR software, giving property owners confidence in the security and compliance of their organizational data.

As property management businesses continue to evolve, having a company in place like Summerfield to help manage each property and utilize the most advanced technology is crucial for staying competitive and adaptable in an ever-changing industry. By leveraging these tools, Summerfield Property Management can create a workforce that is not only highly efficient but also motivated, contributing to sustained growth of all the properties we manage.

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