Asana: Prevent mistakes before they cost you big money

May 9, 2024

Asana Connectivity Catch mistakes before they cost you big money

By the Operations Team, Summerfield Managment   

You’re managing multiple assets in multiple locations. Transaction volume is high at every building and it’s easy for mistakes to go unnoticed. Consider this common (and costly) example.  

Your property management company hired a new Community Manager, significant details of a project slipped through the cracks, during the transition. Your regional manager is too busy because they just have too many assigned sites to stay on top of everything. The details are finally discovered but at a cost of $30,000 in lost revenue.  

Mistakes like these are why we’ve implemented Asana as a tool to document site activity, monitor progress, and allow our regionals to stay connected without actually being at the property every day.   

Asana is a very inexpensive project management software that is easy to use. It has created fantastic results and helped us improve the bottom line.  

Are you ready for a better Property Management experience? 

We would appreciate the opportunity to talk.  


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Southeast Region








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Northwest Region





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