Apartments is all we do

Mega management treats every property the same, we don't.
Work with a property management company that can offer you the flexibility you need to get the results you want

Here are four examples of how flexibility leads to better results

How can you maximize your cash flow?

The only thing more important than maximizing revenue is a solid business plan to keep spending in check. Are you available to discuss how we help control costs?

Is your property condition aligned to your asset class?

We believe a well-maintained property within its asset class attracts the best possible Tenants. Discover how we can help.

Does customer service make a difference?

Of course! Effective customer service attracts best-in-class tenants to your asset.

Could renewals benefit your bottom line?

Under most asset classes Tenant retention at close to market rates is better than turnover but it depends on your investment type, i.e. value add, core-plus, core, etc. Let’s talk strategy.

Property investment is the ultimate team game – you are only as good as your weakest player – who you pick impacts your success.

Does Summerfield manage in my area?

We offer Property Management services in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Is my building the right size?

We can provide the best service to buildings with a minimum of 50-units.

Is Summerfield a modern property management company?

If the national firms are using it, you can bet we’ve got something equivalent.

“After 3 years with Summerfield Management, I have been amazed at not only the improvement in my financial bottom line but the overall condition of the grounds and units. Having considered it a pride of ownership property, I am delighted with the efficiency with which they have carried out my various projects and the creative ideas of the staff. A rental is only as good as the management. The tenants are as happy as I am with Summerfield’s management.” –


Give us a shot. You’ll like the way we do things, and you’ll love our results.



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