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Property Management is a relationship business.

Summerfield Property Management understands how to help you reach your financial goals by providing the best service for your asset class.

Choosing the best Property Management company for your asset class isn’t that different than deciding where to buy your business attire.

Sure, chain stores have great name recognition, but can they deliver the quality and service you’re looking for?

Summerfield provides the customized Property Management services you need coupled with the tools and technology you expect.

At times, managing an apartment building is organized chaos, but we have satisfied clients who receive healthy checks every month.

Give us a shot. You’ll love our results.

What we love about Washington

“The future outlook for Washington’s rental market is stable and moving upward. Seattle’s job base is modern, essential, durable, and growing. Unlike other states with just one economic hub, the surrounding secondary and tertiary markets like Spokane, Bellingham, Olympia, and the Tri-Cities all possess a similar solid economic foundation.”

Robert Parmar, Managing Director, Summerfield Property Management

Robert Parmar
Managing Director, 
Summerfield Property Management