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Six Property Management Hiring Best Practices for Apartments

December 21, 2023

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By Marketing Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

To run a successful apartment rental business, you need people who have the right blend of skill and attitude. Finding this mix is no easy task, but your chances of hitting pay dirt in your search go up exponentially when you adhere to these property management hiring best practices:

Think of your dream candidates:

In the rental property management game, your team is on the frontline dealing with tenants and vendors day in and day out.

So, you want employees capable of thinking on their feet and expressing themselves clearly and positively when tackling emergency repairs and tricky situations with renters.

And since steering the ship of a rental management company is no walk in the park, you want to make sure you’re only staffing your company with resilient people who can easily bounce back from setbacks.

In other words, you’re looking for candidates who understand that rental property management is a rollercoaster ride. You need individuals who can ride the waves whether good or bad and maintain a positive even keal.

Start with a well-written job description:

The purpose of the property management hiring best practices we are discussing is to help you find the right employees for your property.

You start by painting a crystal-clear picture of what you are looking for. Then you communicate it through a well-written job description that acts both as a talent magnet and a shield against mismatched applicants.

You should start your job description with a friendly greeting and a brief overview. Express your excitement about the prospect of hiring new employee(s) for the open position(s).

Include a brief description of the property and property management company, its culture and values.

After that, dive into the nitty-gritty of the role by outlining the key responsibilities and tasks associated with the position. The job description must also highlight the projects you have in the works and the opportunities for growth your recruits can enjoy if they contribute to the overall success of your company.

It must also spell out – in great detail – the qualifications, the skills, the experiences and the attitudes you’re looking for in your ideal candidate.

Wrap it up by writing a clear call-to-action to invite the prospective candidates to apply.

Spread the word about the opening:

The other key to property management hiring best practices is to cast a wide net and explore various channels to find the right fit for your team.

You may want to start by encouraging your employees to refer friends or acquaintances who might be a great fit.

Then, hit job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn. Check out local universities and colleges and spread the word about your job openings on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram.

Have your Community Manager attend local networking events and industry meetups. Sometimes the best talent may be just a handshake away.

At Summerfield, our HR team utilizes a detailed process to post job listings across a number of job boards, job websites and social media. For more suggestions on where to find talent for your company, you’re welcome to reach out to us at Summerfield Property Management.

Look up candidates on social media:

You may cringe at the idea, but it’s one of the property management hiring best practices you need in your tool box.

Think about it: resumes are like a highlight reel of someone’s work life, but what about the real person behind the job titles and achievements?

That’s where social media steps in, giving you a backstage pass into a candidate’s life outside the 9-to-5 grind. So, before you schedule an interview with a given applicant, you may take a few minutes and screen their social media.

This way, you will not only uncover their hobbies and passions, but you’ll also know if they’ll mesh well with your team. More importantly, you’ll be able to spot any “red flags” that may not pop up in a resume or an interview.

By catching these issues early, you can steer clear of many potential problems and keep your property running drama-free.

Conducting the job interview:

This is perhaps the trickiest of all the property management hiring best practices we’re discussing today, but it can be a breeze if you keep the conversation casual and stick to the following guidelines.

Start with a warm welcome and a bit of small talk to break the ice. Ask about their background, experiences and what brought them to you. Then transition into the more job-specific questions about their skills and experiences in relation to the role.

Remember, you’re looking for resilient talent who can handle the daily grind of the multifamily rental business.

So, encourage your applicants to tell you about the challenges they’ve faced in the past. Urge them to describe the way they handled the adversity and the difficult situations they faced in previous roles.

Try to make it a two-way conversation and give the candidate a chance to ask questions too. This way, you can let them showcase their skill and personality while also getting a feel for your company and its culture.

Stick the landing:

Finding the right talent for rental property management is not just about ticking off a checklist of skills and qualifications.

It’s a dynamic process that involves understanding the unique needs of your organization, recognizing the importance of cultural fit and being open to diverse perspectives.

Remember also that hiring is a two-way street – it’s not just about the company selecting the right candidate, but also about the candidate choosing the right job for their own growth.

Hopefully, the property management hiring best practices we discussed in this article will help you build a team that aligns with your vision and values. A team that will stick around for the long haul, will help cut down your turnover rate and that will propel you towards your growth goals.

At Summerfield, our HR team utilizes the latest software to post, interview and screen candidates that puts the properties in our portfolio in the best possible place to meet and exceed their goals.

If you need assistance in any aspect of your property management business, feel free to reach out to us at Summerfield Property Management.