Strategizing for Success: How Cloud-Based Operations are Revolutionizing Property Management

July 19, 2023


By IT Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adapt and adjust to a new normal and not all of them made it. However, Summerfield has successfully navigated this difficult time thanks to strategic alignment with a global workforce and the development of a cloud-based technology platform. This has allowed the company to continue to work remotely and serve clients seamlessly.

Summerfield has partnered with multiple global outsourcing companies to offer bookkeeping, call center, and virtual assistance services that bring high value and coverage to your property at low cost. Global partners are well-educated, highly talented, and able to work for a fraction of the cost of their US counterparts. Plus, with a backup person for each professional, there is always someone to step in if needed.

Call Center

The adoption of cloud-based technology has also enabled the back-office team to work remotely, requiring just one person on-site to ensure a physical presence on the property. This has allowed on-site staff to focus on residents and maintenance, while still supporting back-office processes such as accounts payable, leasing writing, and email.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on innovative technology, Summerfield is ready to provide you with a better property management experience. Are you curious about how we can help you?

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