The Link Between NOI and On-site Staff Tenure

March 1, 2022

The Link Between NOI and Apartment Staff Tenure

By HR Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

In order to maximize dollars out of your property, you must implement a number of foundational programs that build upon each other. This is not easy to do without stabilizing and lengthening On-site staff tenure. 
We take Human Resources very seriously. Property performance starts with hiring the right people

Setting Expectations

The job description is the first insight a potential candidate has and needs to set the right tone. The job posting needs to be clear, concise, and accurately reflect the available position. Setting clear expectations upfront will weed out unqualified applicants. This allows us to pay more attention to a tighter list of candidates and better understand their strengths, weaknesses, and work ethic.



Where you place job postings matters. We use Indeed and LinkedIn. They are ranked as the two best sites for employers. 

Interview Process

Interviewing is not just about assessing whether an applicant is qualified, but also whether they will be a good hire.
How do we know if they will be a good hire?
Asking the right questions:
It is important to focus on engaging questions that allow the applicant to sell themselves as a future employee. Examples include how the individual overcame an obstacle or how prior work experience makes them qualified for this position.
Assessing the candidate:
Being good at answering interview questions does not mean the candidate will be a good hire. Take all the information available and assess the candidate’s skills, experiences, and expectations. We target candidates that express a desire to work hard, are loyal, and have the mettle to push through difficult projects.
Consider Cultural Compatibility:
How well will the candidate fit in with the current On-site team?
Our HR Department conducts the initial interview, followed by an interview with the Portfolio Manager. The On-site Manager and in some cases the Maintenance Lead will conduct a third interview to gain buyin and ensure a good fit. It is important to prioritize candidates that share similar values and understand that working hard will lead to success.
Sourcing the right candidate is difficult. Even though our process might require more upfront energy, we feel confident knowing that we have found an employee who is willing to do their job at a high level and can help elevate property operations.
Filling a position with the first decent applicant is a lazy practice. We see companies do this because it solves a short-term problem but risks exposing the property to bigger issues. Our HR team tries to provide at least three candidates per position for Portfolio Managers to evaluate. 
We hope you found value in part one of our series on the economic impact hiring has on an apartment. Part two will lay out the strategies we take to retain quality employees.

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Managing Director 


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Director of Marketing


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