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Maintenance and Supply Chain

July 8, 2022

Maintenance and Supply Chain (1)

By the Accounting Team, Summerfield Management

Being able to respond quickly means having the right materials on-hand.

Ongoing supply chain issues can cause delays that prevent you from being able to get the materials you need to make necessary repairs and keep residents happy.

How can you ensure you have the right materials on-hand without accumulating a massive stockpile i.e. idle $?

Par sheets.

Often used by bars and restaurants, par sheets are a system that figures out the optimal level of inventory that should be on-hand at all times.

We use par sheets to ensure we have the expected inventory to maintain a building for at least 30-days.

Should supply chain issues temporarily disrupt a product’s availability, service to our residents remains uninterrupted for at least 30-days.

Happy residents = less turnover. Less turnover = more NOI.

Par sheets also provide the bonus of working seamlessly with a monthly Purchase Order System.

How many labor hours you could save if staff place orders once a month instead of daily?

No longer saddled with time-sucking administrative tasks, he or she could be out making residents feel important…reminding them why they love where they live…increasing the chance that they’ll renew their lease. You get the idea, right?

Par sheets – they’re not just for bars anymore.

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