Keep Operations Humming with Flexible Communications Tools

Discover the key to keeping your operations running smoothly with flexible communications tools from Summerfield Management.

March 21, 2023

Staff turnover at the property level is high.

Without flexible communication tools, it’s easy for leads that could have become leases to fall through the cracks.

That’s why Summerfield uses an award-winning VOIP product called Dialpad at all our properties.

With Dialpad, we’re able to provide better service to owners, tenants, and prospects in these 3 ways:

Instant Coverage. If a staff member resigns, we’re able to reassign their number to another staff member with the click of a button. Answer from anywhere. Dialpad comes with a mobile app, which means staff can field calls from a mobile device while walking the property, hosting a resident event, or giving a tour. Analytics. Dialpad also provides a dashboard that captures missed calls, tracks returned calls, transcribes calls, and more. If staff are not answering or returning calls, we’re going to know about it.

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