Good Dog! Breed-based bans lifted in some states

December 13, 2022

Good dog

By Operations Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

Breed-based bans on dogs may soon be a thing of the past, with some jurisdictions introducing new Bills that emphasize behavior over breed.

Are your property policies up-to-date?

About 40% of households considering their dog a member of the family, welcoming more friendly dogs could boost the desirability of your property (and your bottom line).

Since 2020, Washington State pet owners have the option to claim an exemption to breed-based bans through an American Kennel Club certification called the Canine Good Citizen Program.

You can learn more about the Canine Good Citizen Program and how it works here:

Is your Property Management company keeping track of changes like this in your state?

Promoting your property as welcoming to good citizen canines is a great way to differentiate your building from the competition.

Not to forget, more pets means more pet fees and rent for your bottom line.

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