Flexibility: A Strategic Benefit of Utilizing a Mid-Size Management Company

August 31, 2023

A Strategic Benefit of Utilizing a Mid-Size Management Company

By David R. Cohen, Portfolio Manager, Summerfield Property Management 

Choosing the right property management company to oversee the operations of your asset can make the difference between success and mediocrity.   

We make no secret of the fact that we aren’t the largest management company.  Our size is actually your advantage. You may not know it, but we offer every single software platform, technology, and tools that our larger competitors do.  

At Summerfield, we prioritize building a relationship and getting to know our client’s unique needs. And with that, we can do things that some larger companies just can’t. We can customize our process to meet your specific needs. With our greater flexibility also comes better service. When you talk to a management company, you should be able to see and feel their willingness to make your concerns a priority.   

Because of our your value to us, we focus intently on the activities that will positively impact as many line items on your P&L as possible to maximize NOI. That includes everything from income collection, lease expiration balance and human resources to staying up to date on the latest multifamily marketing trends that will drive the most leads to your property in an increasingly competitive segment.  

Some other client customizations we have employed or currently employ include:  

  • Ownership interview participation 
  • Customized financial reporting 
  • Site visit frequency  
  • Custom advertising   
  • Retail/office leasing at mixed-use properties 
  • Project management capability  

We recently took over a 180-unit apartment community in Washington State and were able to produce NOI growth of 12.5% in the first 24 months of management.  

Ready for a better property management experience? Part of our commitment to building a relationship with clients means that we are willing to fly out to meet you in person to give a custom proposal for management services.  

Reach out to us to book a time to chat with one of our experienced property management professionals.

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