Comping Your Property in 2022

June 15, 2022

Comping Your Property in 2022

By Operations Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

Working from home has changed what tenants look for in an apartment community.
Instead of seeking a short commute to work, they now look for proximity to lifestyle amenities like hiking, skiing, and community events.

By promoting your units proximity to lifestyle amenities you may uncover unexpected additional value to raise rents. Here are some pro tips to get you started:

Pro Tip 1: Compile a list of outdoor recreation areas near you, such as ski resorts, walking trails, and rock climbing. Pro Tip 2: Highlight family-friendly venues such as fishing areas, pick-your-own vegetable farms and fruit orchards, farmer’s markets, and dog parks. Pro Tip 3: Showcase locations for social interaction such as rowing clubs, dance studios, and outdoor yoga.

Train your staff to share lifestyle amenities the same way they share about on-site amenities like a pool or fitness center.

Access to recreation and leisure activities elevates the value of your property in the eyes of tenants. Make sure you’re cashing in by valuing all your property offers.

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