Smart Lock = Smart Investment

May 9, 2022

Smart Lock = Smart Investment (1)

By Management Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

Smart locks can save you time and payroll dollars, increase demand at your property, and even create an additional revenue stream.

Here are some examples of how smart locks maximize your investment.

Save Time – No need to re-key during turn. 1-click resets the code. 

Save on Payroll – Leasing becomes more automated. Smart locks facilitate locking up the clubhouse or providing potential tenants with a temporary access code to tour at off hours without paying an employee to be being on-site.

Add Revenue – Amenity pricing means you can make smart locks available for an additional monthly fee.

Smart locks are a small investment that puts money back in your pocket.

Plus, studies show smart locks have become the most desired amenity among renters.

Sounds like a win-win to us.

We’re getting better results for our clients and we believe we can get better results for you. When you’re ready for a better property management experience, call us.

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Summerfield specializes in the management of apartment properties that are approximately 75 units or larger, and is licensed to manage in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina & South Carolina.

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