Staff Support and Lease Renewals

February 3, 2023

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By Operations Team. For more information, contact Robert Parmar

Property Management is a relationship business with a lot of different relationships to tend to. When those relationships are running smoothly, you can bet operations at your assets are going to run smoothly as well.

Smooth operations are better for your NOI.

Here’s a great example.

1. A car has careened off the road and crashed into one of your carports.

No one is hurt, but the damage is more than just a few fence posts down or paint scrapes for your maintenance team to touch up.

2. Your community manager just started last week and doesn’t know how to make an insurance claim or what vendors can make repairs.

If Summerfield managed your building, your community manager would have access to their Summerfield property operations best practice manual, which would tell them what to do in such a situation.

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The faster an issue is addressed, the happier Tenants will be with the attention and care shown to the community they call home, which increases their likelihood of renewing their lease.

For most asset holders, lease renewals are a lot more welcome than turnovers.

Summerfield staff work together to ensure your Tenants get the best service from us, smoother operations and better service lead to healthier profits for you.

When you’re ready for a better relationship with your Property Management company, call us.

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