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Summerfield Management specializes in managing for rent multifamily communities or predominately residential mixed-used. We believe specialization in one product type leads to the best results for us and our clients. Our goal is to work with Ownership to maximize NOI without sacrificing long term property viability. In order to achieve the full potential of your investment, Summerfield implements its proven policies and methods along with regular evaluation of market conditions to assist in setting strategy and making informed decisions that lead to the best possible outcome.

Management Philosophy

Summerfield's primary obligation is to maximize the asset's economic performance and while all aspects of the management process are important, here are some of particular interest.

  • Personnel
  • Software & Technology
  • Methods

When these areas are interconnected and functioning at the highest possible level, only then will it lead to the best and most stable property performance. Contact us to learn more about how Summerfield Management can help improve your property's performance.

  • Personnel

    Management is a people business and it is important to have capable people in place to manage your asset. We look to hire people who first and foremost have what we call the right values (see our Code of Conduct for specifics); they are individuals who are motivated, accountable, self-starters, and reliable. If someone possesses these traits we can teach them how to be successful.

  • Software & Technology

    We utilize a software platform that includes an integrated suite of industry leading management software with proven results. This platform managed in the correct way has tangibly improved property operations and increased NOI for our clients. A comprehensive overview of our platform can be available to those interested in our management services.

  • Quality Control Methods

    We are a company that believes, where appropriate, creating repeatable systems to handle various aspects of the property management process. We have systems in place for all aspects of the management cycle. Some of our most significant focuses include:

    • Revenue Management
    • Inventory and Cost Controls
    • Documented Policies and Procedures
    • Minimization of Liability
    • Proactive Budget Based Decision Making
    • Capital Maintenance Plans
    • On-going Education and Training